N Teknoloji

Project Development and Management Team
Project development and management team understands customers’ needs and priorities and create the most efficient solutions to them. Timeline, Cost, and Purpose are three key elements managed by the department to maintain customer satisfaction.

Data Management Team
Data management team is one of the most sophisticated units of our company. Its dynamic structure requires operation management and technical analysis. Data management team responsible for collecting data from the targeted area in an accurate way and effective timeline. This team consists of two groups:

Office team, composed of specialists providing best practices of data managing for the success of projects. They use digital technologies to analyze and match gathered data in a standardized way.

Field team takes the most important part of enriching and collecting data from the main source. Field team is equipped with devices to convey required information via mobile application improved by N technology to Office Team simultaneously.

N Teknoloji
N Teknoloji

Software Development Team
Software Development Team is responsible of creating customer specific web and mobile applications to add value for the project. The importance of this team is adaptation capacity of new technologies, besides talented team members have sufficient experience to understand the process and provide clear solutions in a short time period.